Energy is assumed as one of the key factors of economy and its growth is crucial for various developmental perspectives. The quality of life depends on how the public has access to utilities like electricity, gas, water, etc. Electricity is one of the utilities is high in demand among masses. Therefore, it becomes incumbent on the part of industries producing electricity to ensure the supply of electricity energy in clean and safe. However, there are concerns related to transmission and distribution losses leading to loss in revenue. Therefore, the necessity of smart grid services comes to the fore to deal with energy exigencies.

As far as smart grid is concerned, its existence is on the principle of renewable source of energy like wind, biomass, and solar power. Again, its base is rooted in conservation of energy and delivering efficiently. The benefit of grid in this sphere is to cut down the transmission cost and the aspect of eco-friendly. Let’s highlight some of the concern areas involving energy industries like:

  • Economic inefficiency
  • Lack of optimal investment
  • Negative environment externalities
  • Potential supply risks
  • Exploitation of temporary shortages
  • Anti-competitive market behavior, etc.

In addition to the above, there are so many pitfalls in utility sector which negates optimal growth. To deal with these issues, Guires provides holistic energy requirement solutions through its expertise. The focus area in which we provide consultancy services such as:

  • Augmentation of generation capacity
  • Expansion of transmission system
  • Bolstering distribution system
  • More access to energy
  • Mechanism for energy security
  • Usage of cutting-edge technologies
  • Reduction in operational cost, etc.

We provide industry specific consultancy services in terms of: big data analytics, advertisement effectiveness, digital marketing, new product development, and segmentation. Our experts will assess the industry specific business potential and accordingly will infuse the strategies to deal with specific issues. We are known for facilitating research based solutions in all the areas of utility sector. The consultancy service we render for both the existing industries and new entrant as well. For instance, consider the case of our assistance in terms of digital marketing. The advantage in this platform is:

  • Managing customer relationship
  • Quick response to customer requirements
  • Making better decisions, etc.

In addition to these, we provide solutions to enhance the performance of workforce. Technology based solutions also we render, like digitalizing the meter will assist in focusing on the sustainable requirements on long term basis. The industries in this respect could consult us for any queries or suggestions related to: commercial services, enterprise services, capital project services, smart grid services, etc.

Our holistic solutions comprises of


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