“Does your firm struggle to appropriately segment the market and select segment specific marketing strategies? Our novel analytical approaches help you to fully visualized clusters of market and different consumer characteristics How to Identify my most potential customer?”

How to identify the most valuable customer to make profit from your business? In the digital world, do you find difficult in classifying your customers? Do you want to know what they buy [willingness to buy]? Why they buy? Where they buy? And what makes them to buy and watch their behavior?

Do you want to start a firm or new shop? Or are you planning to launch a new product or offer service or planning to redesign or refine your product or service that would distinguish one customer group from another within a given market. Need to identify, who is your competitor in the same market segment? Are you looking to expand your service which demands new customer identification? Are you looking for strategy to retain your existing customer? Looking for new opportunities to grow or wanted to gain market share?

And even if you have already segmented your business, are it well structured? And does it reflect your service and product portfolio?

This is where our solution on Segmentation offers

‘Segmentation’ Solution enables to answer your targeted buyer or customer related questions which would help you to set clear goals and objectives, budgets and goals both for new company and existing companies. Segmentation is focused on lifestyle rather than services or products by using existing customer data or obtaining new data. Identifying and understanding customer /consumer pulse is essential to support and promotional initiatives for each group or segment. Segmentation enables the firm to customize the offerings including price, channel, product and communication to different segment of the population, which in turn would help firms to achieve a significant level of market share.

GUIRES enables you to identify your niche market and ensures that our segmentation offers several benefits to the firm:
  • A product or service offering can be fine-tuned and priced appropriately
  • For the selection of the best communication and distribution channels
  • Provide a clearer picture of its competitors

GuiRes team is well equipped with a team that analysis your company products and services by looking at specific target market (geography), demographics, value segmentation (current and potential value, lifetime value, value deciles, contribution), Ephemeral segmentation, customer state segmentation, preference, behavior segmentation and attitudinal and needs and purchase point.

How We do it?
We group behavioural data and statitistical techniques to identify the right type of customer for your product and service. We use existing data and collect new data to identify

Our holistic solutions comprises of

GuiRes Research has significant experience in finding the appropriate research methodologies since our research expertise have vast experience in designing your study, business plan, field work services (data collection). We offer a completely dedicated research team for providing clients / customers with the highest level of service and support. Read More