Quality of governance is the priority of government institution of any country. Hence, the importance of public services counts in context to economic and social development. But due to lacuna in administrative machinery, people-centric services are denied. There are so many reasons leading to crippling essential public service to the people. Those are:

  • Malfunctioning of bureaucracy
  • Rigidities in system
  • Over centralization
  • Abuse of authority

These pitfalls reflect lack of accountability on the part of bureaucrats and political leaders. Other reasons of poor functioning of the public services are: outdated laws, poor work culture, and absence of professionalism. Therefore, the need of the hour for rendering effective public services is:

  • To bring accountability
  • Emphasis on performance
  • Requirement of specialized knowledge for policy making
  • Transforming work culture
  • Streamline of rules and procedures

Efficiency of government offices in terms of personnel, financial, and procurement management systems, etc. With accurate application of these attributes, it is expected that economic growth is on acceleration path and the developmental activities will benefit the public. People put faith on the public service machineries to obtain impartial and transparent functions. Again, delivery of public service accurately leads to satisfaction of the public for which optimum use of financial resources is the requisite. In this respect, there are always report of the issues in integrity of the civil servants and political executive. Sometimes, hesitant to take firm decisions also lead to issues in public service.

To deal with various issues both existing and emerging, Guires provides comprehensive consultancy services for streamlining the services meant for public. In this regard, our experts provide assistance for transferring the existing models to contemporary in support of the basic needs of public like health, education, employment, etc. Again, we provide solutions to the challenging requirements like capacity building, knowledge management, and better responses to meet the public concerns. Our consultancy services in context to public service would help the government for focusing on the people in terms of commitment, accountability, responsiveness, and inclusiveness. Thus, the government machineries would able to bring the desired changes with improvement in quality of service, better decision making, and viable change in the working atmosphere as well. Consult us to avail the necessary guidance to render service to the public through our inputs involving:

    Normative model of good governance
  • Cost-effective policy outcomes
  • Corruption free sustainable development
  • Creation of competitive environment within the public service organizations
  • Service-wise budgeting
  • Adoption of innovative mechanism in all the public service department
  • Adoption of IT and e-governance
Our big data analytics is instrumental in making sure the services are citizen oriented. For any query, contact our customer care representatives.

Our holistic solutions comprises of


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