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With technology around, it becomes easy to interconnect and digitalize in order to deliver contents through new approach. In this regard media and entertainment plays significant role not only impacting the masses but also in terms of contributing to the economy. This sector has got an impetus as it is armed with various digital technologies like mobile, tablet, broadband internet, digital cinema, etc. In modern parlance, the constituent components of entertainment industry are: films, TV, radio, print, and music industry. In addition to this, other sectors are: animation, advertising, and gaming.

There has been a sea change in consumer preferences for media and entertainment a decade ago and now. The nature of mass media from the consumer’s point of view is engaging. They want the entertainment program which will keep them glued to television or any other digital platform. Thus, this media and entertainment is one of the fastest growing sectors of economy with enormous potential of revenue growth. This is the reason; we have been witnessing so many new TV channels and radio stations including various digital technologies. All it requires is creation, aggregation, and distribution of content through various platforms or channels. This is the pressure among the TV channels and related media platforms to draw the attention of viewers to their respective programs.

So, the need is to better understand the consumer behavior and their world of entertainment. Unlike understanding the consumers’ behavior in television media, it requires comprehending the readers in various print media like newspapers, magazines, etc.

Advertising is a means to gauge the content of various programs. There are some magazines which are doing good business, while a few fail to meet the expected revenue. Similarly, there are issues in internet and social media like twitter, Face book, etc. Guires provides excellent solutions to media and entertainment industries with its latest research studies which are conducted by the stalwarts in these fields. The solution is being provided involving various issues in terms of:

  • Digitalization
  • Television distribution
  • Revenue distribution
  • Increase in print penetration
  • Access to the localized population and the contextual niche audience
  • Reduction in operational cost
  • Reduction in cost of publishing
  • Piracy challenges
  • Tools for measuring readership and audience
  • To control the advertising run-time in context to responses
  • To remain well connected, entertained, and informed
  • The design of scientific media plan
  • Scouting new talents
  • Online auditioning
  • Adapting to newer technologies
  • Improving the viabilities in remote areas
  • Rising importance of new media through changing media consumption patterns

These are a few mentioned media and entertainment related issues and solutions which we deliver as per the requirement. For additional information, consult us.

Our holistic solutions comprises of


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