Infrastructure and transportation is the basic prerequisite for progress and prosperity for any country. Again, with the phenomenal rise in population, the pressure is for development of new cities and towns across the country. Hence as accommodative measure, real estate and urban planning have gained momentum over the years. Moreover, it requires a sound transportation system around to keep the developmental activities on its toe. If the infrastructure sectors are glanced through, there are so many things to achieve and the need for qualitative services. In this respect, consider the case of road network constituting maximum percentage of freight traffic and passenger traffic.

Similarly, other contributors of transportation are railways, maritime, airport, etc which are essential for growth. In addition to these; power, electricity, irrigation, housing etc are some of the complementary infrastructure measures. Therefore, it becomes incumbent on the part of both private and public entities to ensure the construction activities in place to give thrust to the various sectors of infrastructure and transportation. But there are constraints and bottlenecks for initiating or during the course of development leading to issues in operational efficiency and financing, a few to enumerate. Let’s focus on the hindrances leading to delay in dealing with projects such as:

  • Environmental clearances
  • Land acquisition
  • Regulatory framework
  • Computation and analysis
  • Raising the resources
  • Technological up-gradation
  • Efficiency in transport sector
  • Safety aspect of transport
  • The gap between electricity production and demand
  • Assessment of cost and benefits
  • Operational efficiency
  • Capital expenditure

Those who are investing in infrastructure and transportation projects vie for hassle free projects so as to implement and finish in time. However, the setbacks or constraints might haunt without any strategic plan in place. Therefore, as preemptive measure, it is better to take prior consultation to meet the emerging issues in advance and during the course as well. The quality of infrastructure project with sound operational efficiency would ensure the project meets its deadline. Again the investors also want a better profit margin for the amount invested. So, there are some areas where the expenditure could be curtailed. All these attributes are being provided by the Guires consultancy to companies or industries handling infrastructural and transportation projects. This consultancy has the experts to facilitate:

  • Strategy
  • Evaluation and assessment
  • Project management
  • Implementation support
  • Investment appraisal
  • Financial restructuring
  • Commercial negotiations
  • Bid documentation
  • Project finance

Our holistic solutions comprises of


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