Healthcare and Wellness

Vision to attain health will lead to live a social and economically productive life. It depends on how an individual has access to healthcare infrastructures and health policy. As far as wellness is concerned, its concept is rooted since ancient times and still vogue in modern genre as well. In traditional parlance, it reflects about Ayurveda and yoga with emphasis towards health and nutrition. In the modern parlance, it speaks about lifestyle of individuals and awareness about collective welfare and health being. The greater awareness in this respect leads to emergence of so many healthcare and wellness players around to serve the patients or health conscious customers. In this respect, business thrives with:

  • Curative healthcare
  • Preventive healthcare
  • Luxury products
  • Personalized services, etc.

So, how consumers have access to these services and the way those are being rendered matters. Those healthcare industries which are already established aim for maximizing revenue in the competitive environment. Similarly, new entrants want to penetrate in the existing market. Thus, there are so many issues and concerns bound to encounter by the industries in this regard.

A cursory glance at the various healthcare industries provides insights over the flaws in healthcare programs and challenging issues in management. Here the challenging issues involve both health payer and facilitator, which are as follows:

    • Below par facilities and infrastructure
    • Poor ambience
    • Irresponsible staff
    • Usage of substandard products
    • Cost of providing service
    • Shortage of skilled manpower
    • Investment costs and long payback period
    • Tackling unorganized sectors, etc.

These are a few multiple challenges leading to issue in sustainability of business models. First thing, these challenges need to be addressed and requires awareness about the presence of healthcare facility at various locations.

To deal with these issues, Guires provide consultancy services which is purely based on research study. Let’s have a few of holistic solutions being facilitated by our experts like:

      • Developing a sound business model in context to financial perspective
      • Developing a mechanism ensuring footfall generation on continuous basis
      • Increasing the coverage of reach from advertising point of view
      • Maintaining a high standard customer relationship management
      • Assurance of quality of services
      • Augmenting the quality of healthcare industries
      • Digitally enabled services, etc.

These are some of the illustrative solutions, we have been facilitating in order to have optimal healthcare service in place which in turn will help in increase in revenue and expand the business as well.

Food and Nutrition research

Understanding Nutrition research needs will stimulate the development and adoption of new and innovative strategies. GuiRes provides food and nutrition evidence-based research services to wide stakeholders focusing on the following high priority areas such as: Development of dietary assessment tools, food labeling development services, nutrition advice and consultation including dietary chart preparation, recipe-and menu development, strategic nutrition analysis, nutritional and sustainability assessment, preparing specific programs (children, old age), and literature reviews including abstracting services. In addition, we also provide sensory and consumer research for food materials suppliers, manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, food service companies and retailers. Our experienced nutritionists and food technologists ensures high quality services and provide a wide range of customized services to address specific needs of the food service industry including corporate cafeterias, trains, schools and universities, cruise lines, restaurants, hotels and airlines.

Our holistic solutions comprises of


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