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Does Your Firm Struggle with the Volume, Velocity and Variety of Data –E-commerce? Does increasing prevalence of digital tools and technologies is threatening your Business model?

Our cost-effective and innovative Strategy solves existing and future business problems. Our Digital marketing strategy analyze how people communicate online Content Strategy & Content Marketing Reinforce branding

In the present dynamic environment as “turbulent”, promoting marketing, scholars to rethink the market and remodel strategy. Today marketing has replaced face-to-face contact with 95 percent less human interaction in business than we had 30 years back. For years, it was assumed that consumers started with a large number of potential brands in mind and methodically winnowed their choices until they decided which one to buy. Later after purchase, their relationship with brand typically focused on the use of service or product itself. However, today, scenario completely changed and new research shows that consumers add and subtract brands from a group under an extended evaluation process. Product evaluation after purchase occurs by entering into an open-ended relationship with the brands, sharing their experience with it online.

At GuiRes, we design our digital marketing program based on the business needs. We ensure to analyze the firm’s
  • Strategic perspectives and objectives
  • Marketing and competitive strategies
  • Business priorities
  • Business goals (e.g. increase conversion, revenue, etc)
  • Main threats and opportunities and more
The following services offered to our clients thus by we make them acquire competitive advantage.
Digital Marking makes Business to Business (B2B)

Digital marketing makes Business to Business (B2B) to decrease costs by increasing the exchanges efficiency in terms of transactions and communications, to provide brand and product related information, build brands in terms of creating awareness, improving brand attitude, and increasing purchase intention. Further it increases sales, existing customers can be increased, and thus finally develop customer relationship.

For Business to Customers (B2C)

For Business to Customers (B2C), we enhance customer active participation, attracting customers into interactions around brands and then maintaining their activity level. Our interaction would be promoted by first listening to and monitoring, and then participating in, relevant discussion

Why GuiRes

What we deliver? Our digital marketing strategy is customized based on your goals and objectives of marketing. We will be part of your team to develop a brand and message to attract ideal client and differentiate from your competition. In addition, we create awareness, lead generation, client referrals, cross marketing programs, implementing strategies to reach a niche market or demographic, lead nurturing, and transition marketing.

Strategy and Planning

At GuiRes ‘building connected brands’ is at the heart our strategy and planning approach. We apply a holistic approach to digital communications by defining and architecting solutions to client’s problems. Our digital marketing frameworks was developed based on the stakeholder’s needs, mining consumer insights, data interpreting and mapping customer movements by considering the different roles of platforms and media in the digital marketing mix

We offer full range of services to help you engage with your customers.
  • Consumer insights
  • Communication planning
  • Digital Strategy
  • Program and Campaign Strategy
  • Cross Channel Integration
Search marketing (SEO) Programmes
“Reach the widest possible Audience for your Business”

At GuiRes ‘a search engine optimization program provides opportunities for firms to create acquisitions such as creating sales, leads, and enquiries and also help firms to engage with your brand, and drive people to your website. Since we offer web-site development services at in-house, we build our entire site keeping SEO as a base. In addition, we also provide SEO techniques to existing website. Our approach is unique and innovative where we follow industry’s best practices with clear cut strategy thereby provide measurable results i.e., maximum return on investment.

Our Experts at GuiRes follow Strictly Google’s guidelines and also look for what is right commercially for your firm. We analyze your market place, target visitors, industry specific and socio-economic basis and identify right keywords and engage in content production and development to enable build links. At every stage, we follow theories and apply customized program both for retention and also acquisition.

We offer a both end to end solutions (complete SEO campaign) and one-off consultancy project. If you are looking at making your website more SEO friendly and enhance your rating positing in Google, with high quality traffic, then talk to our expertise. We ensure that your website is well positioned in Google and in turn increase your Return on Investment (ROI).

We deliver following elements
  • Comprehensive Site Audits
  • Search Opportunity Analysis
  • Content optimization
  • Social Search Strategy
  • Link Building
  • Customized reporting and analysis
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Pay-per-click or PPC is a form of online advertising, where payment is done by advertiser if someone clicks on their ads. Mostly Google Ad words are commonly used and in addition firms can also run successful campaigns using YouTube and Facebook! However, this program required well planned strategy to obtain an excellent Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). GuiRes offers innovative strategies to identify the best target keyword that would match the service after extensive keyword research analysis that would fetch the most targeted traffic, which could resulting in the highest conversion rates.

At GuiRes, we regularly monitor and manage your PPC campaign as it requires dedicated team to monitor the campaign at regular intervals. As huge amount of money being spent on this activity, we ensure that at most care would be taken to control your campaign and spend by submitting monthly spend and targeted traffic.

How we create Impact on Social Media?

GuiRes offers innovative strategies to invigorate the business in this new media channel. The first wing is focus, where involve in identifying a single, concrete, measurable goal. The second wing is grabbing attention, where we catch right consumer eye by reaching out to certain self-actualization needs, inspiring curiosity, or eye-catching campaigns that triggers more senses such as sound, taste, sense, hearing and sight. The third wing is engagement where we create a personal connection, compassion, happiness, empathy and telling a story which accessing higher emotions. The last and final wing is ‘taking action’ where we empower the company’s stakeholders to care enough to want to do something themselves and then, to actually do it. We help our clients in two categories i.e., Expressive social media and Collaborative social media

Our digital marketing expertise provide End-to-End solutions for your online presence and improve your Return-On-Investment.

Content Production and Development

Our Content team production and development team is well equipped in handling various marketing content specific to the industry. We allocate the work to subject matter experts who have well experience in handling writing various marketing articles. We offer the following Services:

Online Videos

For inbound marketing perspective, we publish content for your audience is searching for, and YouTube happens to be the top online video search property. Other video hosting services such as Vimeo and Wistia, which support high-definition content, playback on mobile devices, and detailed video analytics.

Article Writing Services

Digital content marketing is increasingly important part of the commercial landscape. We provide wide range of articles but academically and professionally sound and relevant to the keywords identified. Being pioneer in academic writing, our articles from GuiRes are plagiarism free and referenced properly to ensure its authenticity.

Blog Content Writing Services, Tweets and More:

A blog is a corporate or personal online journal with reflections, expressions, comments and often hyperlinks (images or links) and consumers have been shown to act upon reading blogs. Since blogs are used to inform readers about tastes and preferences, spread product information, and receive satisfaction from reader feedback, at GuiRes we acknowledge this powerful online marketing tool and deliver high quality blog content utilizing expertise specialized in this area.

We write blogs to gather information about customers, for advertising and promotional activities. Further, we ensure to increase traffic to the site and link with social networking sites of the firms. Our blog content writing services differentiate corporate/professionals and hobbyist blogger and contents are based on the uses and gratifications.

News Letters

We create newsletters and we support simple signup forms you can design and embed on your prospective client’s CMS-supported website. We incentivize newsletter signups is to offer a free download of a report or white you created.

End-to-End Solutions

Articles for websites, keyword research services, SEO article writing, on-page, off-page SEO services, internal Link building services, external link, directory submission, case study /white paper writing, Wikipedia contribution, blog article writing, twitter and face book feeds, YouTube video uploading, content writing (for all), press release, short articles for posting on-line, paper based and on-line surveys, new product /service enhancement ideas and many more. All the above services are developed based on the audience insights and participate in authentic conversations to enhance your firm’s visibility and meet your marketing objectives. These e-marketing strategies will be integrated along with offline marketing to enhance return on investment (ROI) or Average Order Value (AOV).

Our holistic solutions comprises of

GuiRes Research has significant experience in finding the appropriate research methodologies since our research expertise have vast experience in designing your study, business plan, field work services (data collection). We offer a completely dedicated research team for providing clients / customers with the highest level of service and support. Read More