Data Collection Method

GuiRes Research has significant experience in field work services (data collection) and is completely dedicated to providing clients / customers with the highest level of service and support. By outsourcing to guires we accomplish your documentation and will provide you with all the information required for your research through our data collection services. We are specialized in both online and offline data collection service. Our company is equipped with substantial resources such as infrastructure and personnel to manage large projects. Our technology assets enable us to provide data collection services swiftly and cost effectively

Quantitative Data analysis

Desk research, observations including store audits and site visits, surveys including customer satisfaction, usage, attitude and business to business, secondary data analysis and desk based research

Qualitative (Textual) Data analysis

The business objective or goal is addressed through this technique that provides elaborate interpretation of market phenomena by gaining rich and complex understanding of a specific context. The supports that we offer are participant observation, in-depth trade interviews and focus groups.

GuiRes is also pioneer in provide wide range of statistical solutions to data collected from epidemiological study designs (Cross sectional, prospective /longitudinal, case and controls, ), conjoint analysis, econometric, marketing, forecasting, channel analysis, and customer analytics and scenario analysis. View our various tools used for the analysis.

GuiRes Research has significant experience in finding the appropriate research methodologies since our research expertise have vast experience in designing your study, business plan, field work services (data collection). We offer a completely dedicated research team for providing clients / customers with the highest level of service and support. Read More