Border & Identity Management

Defending the territory and ensuring the sovereignty is the need of all the nations. Therefore, a nation can’t compromise on its security ground and requires extra vigil all the time to prevent infiltration, smuggling, and anti-national activities. This is the reason the concerned authority in government requires managing the borders while maintaining the identity of the people. Thus, the aspect of border and identity management is not only for security concerns but facilitating trade and commerce as well. Cross border movement of persons and goods takes place through several designated entry and exit points across all the international borders. Discharging sovereign function requires adequate infrastructure to facilitate traffic movement without any hassle. Traffic movement takes place in land, air, and water; therefore, the usual and necessary functions in these check points are:

  • Security
  • Immigration
  • Customs
  • Human quarantine

Scores of people and goods that cross from one international borer to other requires identity proofs and the purpose of visit. Hence, it requires a lot of documentation in order to make sure that a person crossing the border has the true identity and the visit is for certain purpose. The bottleneck is; it takes long time to go through documents on the part of security personnel. Again, there are chances of people crossing the border with fake documents. Thus, it is a concern for the immigrants and the personnel at checkpoints. This is a big challenge which needs to be addressed.

Guires one of the premier consulting agencies provides unique enforceable solutions in context to border and identity management. We have the experts to provide requisite insights over the management of border issues. Here, we provide guidance to develop the ports having all the modern amenities and equipped with technologies. Our valuable inputs will assist the border management department facilitating:

  • Better administration
  • Cohesive management of entry points
  • Smooth movement of cross border individuals
  • Cargo inspection sheds
  • Currency exchange
  • Scanners
  • Technological solution
  • Minimize cost per transaction
  • Our guidance has been the forefront in service transformation across the borders. We are committed to provide integrated, efficient, and transparent border management solutions with technological means. In this respect, some of the consultancy features are: facial recognition, fingerprint technology, biometric matching system, e-passports, self-service kiosks, etc. Thus, with these means of technological guidance, it becomes easy to handle border management activities with direction and purpose. Rendering better services with greater efficiency and more accountability is the exact need of personnel involved in border and identity management; we ensure these attributes to streamline the activities in cost-efficient manner. Consult us to deal with border management loopholes through our robust solutions.

Our holistic solutions comprises of


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